love colors, I love textures, and I love creating harmony and contrast between them. The same colors with many textures, many colors and a single texture. I adore negative space, it not only allows the individual gems/metals/fibers to shine, but it truly creates space for the WEARER of the piece to glow. I like creating elements of motion in my work, and for it to not be immediately noticeable, but something you discover as you wear it.

I love creating jewelry that combines strong design elements with powerful, high energy stones. Tibetan Tektites, Double Terminated Quartz, Tourmalines of all shades, Ruby, and too many more to list find their way into my work.

I have been selling my one of a kind, high vibration jewelry online since 2005. I've sold my work on etsy since August of 2007. I'm very excited to have my own site to showcase my work!